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A true unsung hero, John Hart is among the earliest but least known New Jersey leaders of the American Revolution.  He was one of  five delegates from New Jersey who voted for and signed the Declaration

of Independence. Later,  after serving as a Judge, Justice of the Peace, and Legislator he became the

Garden State’s first Speaker of the General Assembly.  

Learn more about this often overlooked rebel and the hardships and deprivations he and his family

endured during those tumultuous times in the documentary from Dave Hart & EleventhourProductions,  

“John Hart: Portrait of a Patriot.”  

This high quality feature-length video highlights, in context with the significant

events of the times, the life and times of John Hart the obscure founding father

from Hopewell who is best known as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence

and New Jersey's first Speaker of the General Assembly.

The documentary casts a spotlight on this long-neglected patriot’s accomplishments

in order to evaluate the contributions he made to the cause of liberty, freedom and

the democratic ideals of a self-government in comparison to his more celebrated  

contemporaries Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, all

of whom he knew on both a personal and professional level.

For further reading, be sure to pick up the regional best-selling novel TRENTON,

by Dave Hart & John Calu, as his legacy of hope is carried on to a reimagined,

contemporary Trenton  -  a resurging city where the fight for the freedom of all

Americans is on the cusp of being realized.

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